The general public is cautioned, made aware and called to exercise utmost care and discretion while acting on any offer or otherwise received through mails or calls or any other form from any person or entity claiming to be from, associated or authorized with www., customers are requested to verify the authenticity of such mails/calls and exercise extreme caution and discretion while acting on such fake offers. It has been brought to our notice that some members of public are receiving mails/calls from certain unscrupulous elements using various email ids and fooling people into believing that these emails or calls emanate or originate from sources which are either authorized, associated or connected with grocery , some of the requests are for seeking payment of money or fake offers.
The Oline and its online retail division grocery by this public notice would like to make the general public aware that emails sent out only from sallersupport@ are from grocery entities authorized by it. Any emails sent from addresses other than these should not be entertained in any manner whatsoever. In case of any doubt, "our customer care team" may be contacted at +91-7248928391 and the requisite verification information/feedback will be provided by grocery . In case any member of the public has received any such mail from a source not authorized by grocery or any person has a grievance against any person impersonating a grocery employee or representative or has been duped or defrauded, the Oline strongly urges the aggrieved persons to file police complaints against such fraudsters The grocery has built our reputation and pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and will do whatever it takes to ensure that the public is safe from such fraudsters. At the same time, our customers, that shopping with grocery is safe and secure and every endeavor is being made to provide genuine and best offers to the public and prospective customers.